Why using smart office/shared office?

Main reason:

  • Best price (12 USD/month) at high end level (office space: 89m2 at building in district 1)
  • We will be your “professional supporter” from A-Z, represent you to deal with government agencies, finish your documents. You only need to focus on your business plan. Simple – Fast – Convenient.

Service description:

What A SHARED OFFICE/ smart virtual office can do for a small business?

Small business can use the shared office/virtual office as a trading office to create competitive advantage (via expressing business scale). Besides, you can work everywhere since I-Office will transfer the calls or the system will transfer fax to email for you. Telephonists will answer based on your business registration.

If you are in the market researching, moving or expanding process, you should use this service since your address will not be changed.

What A SHARED OFFICE/smart virtual office can do for medium/large business?

First: Shared office helps you to “quickly establish” a new branch without expanding your space.

Second: You will have a professional trading place without huge cost to rent and operate a real branch.

Third: With the scope and modern equipment in I-Office, you will have a high business status comparable with your current level since the well-trained employees will create trust in your clients.


Besides owing the smart office as above (shared office), you will be “REAL POSSESS” a modern working room. So you can save many costs such as (saving 75% cost in establishing a similar office):

  • Professional, fluent foreign languague serectary, experience IT always ready for you.
  • Innital investments such as tables, chairs, air conditioners, phones, faxes, photocopier, scanner …
  • Professional security guards and sanitation workers.
  • Monthly renting cost, electricity cost, water supply cost, internet cost.
  • Cost of placing company sign at the building hall (only in I-Office).

In short, you will be “FREE” to use a big scale office with modern equipment and services such as large business lounge, 03 big/small modern meeting rooms always available to welcome clients and reporters, free tea and coffee for employees.

How smart office can support your business?

You can research the market with smart office since it do not require huge investment. When you need a real office you can still keep the address and phone from shared office. I-Office employees will support you regarding logistics (business registration, tax report, recruitment, interview, consult your clients according to your requests) to free you in order to focus on your business plan.

What A SMART VIRTUAL OFFICE can do for at home business?

You want a business address at the center for clients and save office cost at home?

You want a professional trading office to enhance business image instead of giving a home address?

You want a team to represent you to welcome your clients, to build up your business with you?

A smart shared office is your only solution to satisfy all these 3 requirements. You will have a big advantage from a impressive business address and a modern office. And we will forward your calls when you are at home or on the streets. Our telephonists will answer the calls with your business registered name and forward via the system. Telephonists will forward the calls directly or sending the message to you.

If you decide to expand or move, the virtual address will never be changed.