I-Office has been being the best choices in Vietnam (regarding Serviced Office, Shared Office, Virtual Office, Representative Office, Business Center,  office space) and these are some main reasons:

  1. Best and Stable location:
  • I-Office is the only one that possesses their own Office Tower: the Indochina Park Tower – B class building – 19 floors + 2 basements  – located at the center of HCMC: District 1.
  • I-Office serves you with a Prestigious Business Image when dealing with your customers/partners.
  1. Effective investment:
  • I-Office always understands clients’ needs, we commit to provide the best price at highest level of quality.
  • I-Office is proud to be the leading supplier in this industry by providing largest office space and biggest modern business lounges.
  1. Business environment:
  • I-Office has established a wide network with more than 2,000 clients, then you can obtain a lot of benefits via this network – only available at I-Office.
  • I-Office provides modern, professional environment which enhances your productivity and business opportunities.
  1. Pioneer:
  • Being one of pioneers and leading companies in ‘office service’ sector, we have many years in researching and finding the best and most economic solutions for our customers.
  • Leading in add-in services, telecommunications technology, …
  1. People and technology:
  • I-Office possesses a modern and multi-purpose system to provide all the needs of a mobile office.
  • Wherever you are, I-Office’s online system will help you to manage your business from distance.
  • Besides, I-Office’s high quality employees (with regular training programmes) always available to be your REAL, effective employees.
  1. Board of directors:
  • One of the recruiting requirements at I-Office is: ‘Must have virtual office experience’  thus, they really understand the clients’ real needs to serve them better and better.
  • And they are willing to share their experience and difficulties to clients.

NOTE: The building Indochina Park Tower ensures all security standards. The building is well equipped with high-speed elevators, automatic fire extinguisher system, 100% back up power, receptionist, security, maintenance and sanitary service from professional companies. Parking area (cars and motorbikes) is big to satisfy all people who are working in the building.